Cafe De Paris Les Années Caf' Conc' 2 CD 50 French Classics Berthe Sylva UK NEW

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Coffee Of Paris




50 French Classics  The Caf Years 'Conc'

Original Recordings Digitally Remastered

2 Cd Set

Factory Sealed

CD 1

Sylva, Berthe - Frou Frou 3:02

Mayol, Felix - The 2:39

Bunting Aristide - The Black Cat 3:12

Fragson - If You Want, Marguerite 3:14

Guilbert, Yvette - Madame Arthur 3:30

Mistinguett - Me, I'm fed up with 3:25

Chevalier, Maurice - Oh! Maurice! 2:52

Dubas, Marie - Pedro 2:44

Damia - The Big Curly 2:49

Spring, Yvonne - Love Pleasure 4:29

Mayol, Felix - She Sells Little Cakes 2:04

Bunting Aristide - Nini Dog Skin 2:57

Yt, Jane - Fascination 3:15

Resca - The Brown Waltz 3:14

Guilbert, Yvette - The Fiacre 1:40

Bach - With friend Bidasse 2:50

Mayol, Felix - Come Poupoule 2:51

Bach - When Madelon 3:39

Georgel - The Last Tango 3:16

Bérard - The Girl Of The Ragman 2:49

Polin - The Anatomy Of The Conscript 2:34

Botrel, Théodore - The Paimpolaise 3:07

Botrel, Theodore - The Red Handkerchief From Cholet 2:29

Georgius - At High School Butterfly 3:15


CD 2


Lynel, Louis - Nights From China 2:59

Urban / Knight - In The Life Is Not Getting It 2:24

Georgel - The Chopper 3:04

Boyer, Lucien - Tu Verras Montmartre 3:04

Marcelly / Daniderff - On the Banks of the Riviera 3:11

Georgel - Under the Bridges Of Paris 2:59

Vigneau, Daniel - Marinette's Song 2:40

Milton, Georges - The Bedouin Girl 2:16

Fréhel - It's A Kid 3:05

Mistinguett - It's Paris 2:52

Milton, Georges - Pouet Pouet 1:54

Fragson - I know a blonde 3:09

Knight, Maurice - Everyone's own thing 2:22

Nitta-Jo - The Sharp Tower 2:56

Bérard - Opium Smoker 3:12

Thibaud, Anna - When The Lilacs Will Reflect 2:17

Carton, Pauline - Under the Mangroves 2:30

Dalbret - Child's Heart 2:55

Ouvrard - My Tics 2:59

Liebel, Emma - From Gray 2:54

Georgius - The Wedding A Rebecca 2:13

Polin - The Little Object (Ah, Miss Rose!) 2:27

Dranem - My Pier's Hole 2:44

Fragson - Forwards Little P'tits Guy 2:50

Ouvrard - I'm Not Well Wearing 3:12

Georgius - Bottling In The Castle 3:00


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