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Utopian commune drama loosely based on director Adam Sherman's own experiences. Victor (Mark L. Young) is becoming more and more suspicious of the utopian lifestyle he has been brought up in by his mother (Andie MacDowell). The philosophy put forward by the community's leader Insley (Rutger Hauer) encourages sexual promiscuity and drug taking as a means of escaping the restrictive way of life found in the wider public sphere, but with this carefree attitude comes a whole host of destructive behaviour. When Victor's childhood sweetheart Becky (Hanna Hall) returns to the commune in order to care for her sick father, she becomes enamoured with the lifestyle and begins enjoying the hedonism instigated by the other members of the community. But will Victor be able to convince her of his own disillusionment and prevent her from spiralling out of control?

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