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Hooligan Collection (Box Set) [DVD]

Collection of three British crime dramas. In 'Dangerous Mind of a Hooligan' (2014) football hooligan Danny (Paul Marlon) and his three friends, Tony (Simon Phillips), Caeser (Samuel Anoyke) and Rowntree (Roger Griffiths), are forced on the run after a bank robbery goes wrong and leaves them with no clean getaway, a hostage and numerous bags of stolen money. While being pursued across the country by the police, the group's alliances are put to the test as they begin to question who they can trust. 'Undercover Hooligan' (2016) sees police officer Michael Clarke (Kris Johnson) suspended from duty for his excessive use of violence and given the dangerous task of infiltrating an infamous London gang with the end goal of bringing down its leader Terence Turner (Patrick Connolly). Taken in by his new lifestyle, Clarke's superiors can only watch as he is drawn deeper into the underground world of gangs and violence. Finally, in 'Hooligan Legacy' (2016), after a daring robbery of a football stadium goes wrong, the leader of a notorious football firm is sentenced to ten years in prison. When he's finally released, he eagerly seeks revenge against those responsible for putting him behind bars.

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