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Product description

Product Description

The Greatest features the very best tunes, picked from Ian Brown’s four solo albums since leaving the Stone Roses. Highlights include "My Star", "Love Like a Fountain", "F.E.A.R." and the new single, "All Ablaze".


Collecting the best of Ian Brown's solo tunes together is more than a treat for his fans. It's evidence of how far King Monkey has come in the eight years since he launched his solo career.

Brown has matured his sound, grown into his beats and found a niche that constantly pushes him further away from the Roses. He's cast off the shadow of his former band and become a star all over again.

Credit must be given to his collaborators - UNKLE and Noel Gallagher to name just two but Brown is more than capable of producing excellent tracks on his own. "F.E.A.R." stands out as the best. Potent strings emphasize a fantastic lyric, and everything's underpinned by simple driving beats. If ever there was an argument not to resurrect the Roses, this is it.

Track Listings

1 My Star
2 Corpses In Their Mouths
3 Can't See Me (Bacon & Quarmby Remix)
4 Be There - UNKLE
5 Love Like A Fountain (Single Version)
6 Dolphins Were Monkeys (Single Version)
7 Golden Gaze (Single Version)
8 F.E.A.R.
9 Whispers
10 Forever And A Day (New Version)
11 Keep What Ya Got
12 Time Is My Everything
13 Longsight M13
14 Reign - UNKLE
15 Lovebug (New Version)
16 All Ablaze
17 Return Of The Fisherman

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