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Complete customization: create your dream baby, pick up their perfect outfit and customize their room as you like it!
full immersion: interact with your baby as if you were in the room
more than 30 activities to discover and master
don't stand still! Play everywhere: in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room… or go for a walk outside!
Photo mode: take the best pictures of your baby to unlock specific rewards!

Realistic baby simulation

time to become a parent! The first title in the My universe collection, My baby allows you to take care of your own newborn Boy or girl. Keep them happy and help them learn new skills! Choose your next action depending on your baby's mood: feed them, bath them, change their diapers, play together… like in real life!

from curiosity to affection

every action contributes to your baby's happiness and love for you. Use all items at your disposal (toys, plushies…) to motivate them to carry out new actions (standing, crawling, Walking…) and unlock the next activities.

progressive evolution

play with your newborn baby and watch them evolve and make their first steps through more than 30 mini games. Watch your baby grow up in size and personality along the way!

parenting like a boss

your efforts are rewarded: the more skills your baby learns, the more clothes, items and unique badges you will earn to personalize your experience.

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