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The Beautiful South was formed in the late eighties by Paul Heaton and David Hemingway, formerly of The Housemartins. They achieved almost instant success with two Top 10 singles from their debut album. They enjoyed continued success throughout the nineties with a succession of critically acclaimed and commercially successful singles and albums. Munch Our Hits contains the original videos for all their singles from 1989 to 2001, including all of their Top 10 hits and some singles that weren t included on their albums. The Beautiful South, with their combination of musicality and intelligent lyrics, were both successful and influential and this DVD is a great reminder of their amazing collection of songs. TRACKLISTING: 1) Song For Whoever 2) You Keep It All In 3) I ll Sail This Ship Alone 4) A Little Time 5) My Book 6) Let Love Speak Up Itself 7) Old Red Eyes Is Back 8) We Are Each Other 9) Bell Bottomed Tear 10) 36D 11) Good As Gold (Stupid As Mud) 12) Everybody s Talkin 13) Prettiest Eyes 14) One Last Love Song 15) Pretenders To The Throne 16) Dream A Little Dream 17) Rotterdam (Or Anywhere) 18) Don t Marry Her 19) Blackbird On The Wire 20) Liars Bar 21) Perfect 10 22) How Long s A Tear Take To Dry? 23) Dumb 24) The Table 25) Closer Than Most 26) The River 27) The Root Of All Evil / FORMAT: NTSC Region 0 / SOUND FORMATS: Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital 2.0 / RUNNING TIME: 99 mins approx.

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