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Young surfer Zak gets sucked into the Bermuda Triangle, where he becomes a super pirate. With his crew by his side, and his magic sword, Zak tackles the dangers of the Seven Seas.
Escape from Netherwhere - Zak's head swells as his fame in Marituga grows and he can't help competing with the other hero of Bermuda , Alan Gamble.
Thermal Shock - To open the waypoint of Sino, Zak must fight its Guardian while protecting the baby wyverns around.

Burn Out - Their latest adventures have exhausted our heroes, but they agrees to go on a treasure hunt for Sassafras.
Trial by Fire - While Zak goes to Blazz to open its Waypoint , he finds himself forced to fight its Guardian alongside Bones.
Calabrass' Old Friend - Calabrass finds an old mate of piracy... who tends a trap to turn him into his own sword.

Wrath of Blix - Zak push the peaceful jellyfish people to listen to their anger to defend themselves against Bones.
Calabrass' Body - During an adventure on Dezer, Calabrass gets a body. But Zak needs his friend to turn back into a sword to open the Waypoint.
Island of the Lost Children - Our heroes believe they are rescuing a group of children from a band of monsters, but appearances are deceptive!

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