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Track Listings

1 Matilda (Feat. Brazy)

2 I Told Gus I'm Dreamin

3 War in the Trenches

4 Tapenga

5 The Pearls (Feat. Maison2500)

6 Heating Rocks

7 Mermaid Aqua

8 Own Game (Feat. Bratzbih, EBEE & Seo)

9 Deadman Bone (Feat. Koffee)

10 Final Champion


12 Saburu Boys OST (Interlude)

13 First Heaven

14 Beautiful Nothing (Feat. Gus Dapperton)

15 Born Again (Feat. Amaarae)

16 Wicked City (Feat. Gus Dapperton)

17 Fallin (Feat. Chi Virgo and Solis)

18 Way of the Serpent

19 Sucre/Saga Ship

20 Dirty Eyes, Evil Manners (Feat. Skepta)

21 Sa-karuchan

Product description

Nigerian multi-hyphenate Cruel Santino has returned with his second album, 'Subaru Boys: FINAL HEAVEN'. Co-produced by Cruel Santino, this conceptual album is broken up into multiple arcs, each with its own theme and navigator, guiding the listener through a sonic tale of war and glory. Joining Cruel Santino on this epic adventure are the project's special guests including Skepta, Amaarae, Koffee, Gus Dapperton and a slew of new music darlings from the auteurial 'Monster Boy' world.

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