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Track Listings

1 Worms
2 Sunflower
3 Good and Right
4 The Magician
5 Beatrice
6 Roman Candles
7 Lefty
8 Primrose Hill
9 Daylight Savings Time
10 Ten
11 Worms II

Product description

On their 2018 debut album 'Baby Teeth', Dizzy offered up a batch of lucidly detailed coming-of-age songs, a real-time reflection on the minor tragedies and major disappointments of post-adolescence. As their dream-pop opus drew global acclaim (and won Best Alternative Album at the 2019 Juno Awards), the Oshawa, Ontario-based band found that their finely wrought outpouring had built a powerful bond with their fans - a contingent that frontwoman Katie Munshaw refers to as 'our little heartbreak club.' Joined by the trio of brothers who make up the rest of Dizzy - drummer Charlie Spencer and his siblings Alex (guitar) and Mackenzie (bass) - Munshaw soon set to work on new music that explores an even more tangled landscape of feelings. Dizzy instill their songs with a warm and open-hearted sincerity, an extension of the gentle camaraderie within the band itself. 'The Sun and Her Scorch' was produced by Dizzy and mixed by Craig Silvey (Arcade Fire, Florence + The Machine.) The album is a candid exploration of the messiest, most raw emotions young people experience in 2020, laden with confessions of insecurity, resentment and fear of failure.

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