Film Scores Original Orchestral Music CD of George Martin Berlin Music Ensemble

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Amazing Collection - 

Track Listings
1 Pepperland
2 March of the Meanies
3 Sea of Holes
4 Sea of Monsters
5 Pepperland Reprise
6 Whisper Who Dares
7 Bond Meets Solitaire
8 Snakes Alive
9 Baron Samedi's Dance of Death
10 Westward Look!
11 Old Boston
12 New York, New York
13 Judy's Theme
14 Under Milk Wood (Main Theme)
15 Love Duet
16 Waldo's Song
17 Belle Étoile
18 Waltz in D Minor for Flute and Chamber Orchestra
19 Prelude for Strings
20 Prelude
21 Chorale 1
22 Chorale 2
23 Orchestral Interlude
24 Chorale 3
25 Chorale 4
26 Orchestral Interlude 2
27 Chorale 5
28 Chorale 6
29 Chorale 7

Film scores written by The Beatles producer for "Yellow Submarine" and "Live & Let Die" as well as unreleased material, performed by The Berlin Music Ensemble and conducted by Craig Leon! ("FILM SCORES & ORIGINAL ORCHESTRAL MUSIC OF GEORGE MARTIN")

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