Fitness For The Over 50s Balance And Coordination DVD inc Stretching breathing

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Superb DVD - Excellent and Easy to Follow - Superb Feedback, Free Tracked Post


Rediscover how good it feels to have balance with your coach Nancy Marmorat

Nancy Marmorat’s DVDs are known the world over, and her experience as a personal trainer to people of all ages has prompted her to prepare a series of fitness exercises especially adapted for those who are in their 50s and 60s.

This programme is for all those in their 50s and 60s - or above - who are concerned about their balance. After a basic session, aimed at keeping in good physical shape, there are workshops which bring into play different reflexes: balance, speed of reaction, sensory information and floor contact.

The objective of this programme is the improvement of balance and the prevention of falls and their consequences.

This programme is divided into 2 parts:

• A basic session of around 25 minutes focused on work on flexibility and muscle strengthening, to be practised every day
• Seven specific workshops, of around 5 minutes each, dealing with balance and co-ordination. These are to be done after the basic session, a different one each day.

The workshops:

1, Displacement and balance
2, Getting down onto the floor and up again
3, Co-ordination
4, Balance & manipulation
5, Displacement & balance
6, Co-ordination
7, Balance on an unstable surface

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