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TRIPLE DVD set - A Wonderful Gift Idea - 

Nancy Marmorat’s experience as a personal trainer to people of all ages inspired her to devise specially-adapted keep-fit programmes for people aged over 50. This 3-DVD set is the third volume of programmes featuring Nancy’s carefully designed and fully explained and demonstrated exercises which will help keep you in good shape.

Nancy’s DVDs are known around the world, and now you can take advantage of her expertise in the comfort of your own home, with detailed instructions and clear, easy-to-follow demonstrations at every stage.

Active Walking - Scientists confirm walking is good for your health, in fact it is recommended you walk for at least 30 minutes every day. In this DVD Nancy offers a simple programme of walking on the spot accompanied by music, to be done in your own home, to keep you in shape. This programme is suitable for all – you just need to be able to walk. Thanks to Active Walking, you’ll be taking up a physical activity, maintaining your weight and improving the endurance of your heart and lungs. This programme is divided into six parts of 10 minutes each.

Muscle Tone - Make the most of your exercise to strengthen muscles with specially adapted equipment. This programme consists of a gym session with a ball and exercise band, two items easy to find in the shops. They are both excellent tools for strengthening muscles and can be adapted to anyone’s requirements, regardless of physical condition. Older people in particular will appreciate that the ball and band facilitate gentle exercise which won’t harm joints. This programme is divided into 6 parts.

Gentle Gym - Rediscover physical wellbeing thanks to gentle gym. This programme consists of a complete session of gentle gym, and is notable for offering a variety of very simple exercises. This DVD is specially recommended for people who want to resume a physical activity after a long break. To make this programme Nancy has chosen exercises from various gentle techniques such as Stretching, Pilates, Yoga and Relaxation.  She has then adapted them for people who are looking for a gentle method for maintaining their body’s wellbeing.

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