Freya Goddess Coin Silver Plated Pendant Necklace for Love Magic & War gift idea

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Origin: Nordic
Key Attributes: Love, Magic & War.
Freya is old Norse for “lady” and is the name given to the Norse goddess of love. She rides a carriage drawn by cats and is connected with wealth and magic whilst she also hand-picks up to half of all fallen battlefield warriors that enter into Odin's ‘Hall of Valhalla’.
From the depths of history to this very day, goddesses are considered sacred and are worshipped as the matrix of creation. The myths surrounding goddesses tell us a lot about the societies from which they came.
These myths demonstrate how divine, feminine energy flows throughout time, interwoven into our legends and artwork. Amongst the goddesses of old, creation, fertility and re-birth are prevalent themes.
In turn, each double-sided pendant from the ‘Goddess Coins’ collection has been designed to give its wearer a feeling of connection to the immense power and sacred feminine energy that its goddess evokes.

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