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Eugenio Mira directs this thriller starring Elijah Wood, John Cusack and Kerry Bishé.

Tom Selznick (Wood) is the most talented concert pianist of his generation.

However, lately Tom's career has stalled due to crippling bouts of stage fright, which interfere with his ability to perform at the highest level.

After seeking help for his issues, Tom returns to the stage for a sold out comeback performance, supported by his wife Emma (Bishé).

All is going well until Tom turns the page on his sheet music and finds a threatening message scrawled there.

Soon, via an earpiece, Tom is put in touch with his tormenter, Clem (Cusack).

Clem assures him that he has a high-powered rifle trained on him and will open fire if Tom hits one wrong note.

How will the virtuoso cope under a very different kind of performance pressure?

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