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Track Listings

1 Fear Comes Later
2 Marie's Lost Theme
3 Sunday Times
4 Sri Lanka
5 Marjah
6 Marie Loses Her Eye
7 Nice Eyepatch
8 Mass Graves
9 The End Is Near
10 The Search for Truth
11 Bombs
12 Eulogy
13 Norm Dies
14 Return to the Tunnel
15 The Final Broadcast
16 Requiem for a Private War - Annie Lennox

Product description

A Private War tells the incredible true story of Marie Colvin, one of the most formidable war correspondents of our time. The role of Colvin is played by Rosamund Pike. The film's theme song, 'Requiem for a Private War,' is a new song and moving tribute from Annie Lennox, a close friend of Colvin's. All score for the soundtrack is composed by H. Scott Salinas, best known for the Academy Award nominated documentary 'The Square' and Aaron Sorkin's 'The Newsroom.'

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