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What could be better than enjoying an adrenalin-packed compilation of sport's maddest moments and craziest crashes? How about testing your knowledge to the limit while our on-screen heroes test their skills - and bones - to the limit?

Havoc Interactive not only treats you to many of the most spectacular - and frequently hilarious - mistakes, mishaps and wipeouts, but sets you 50 questions about the on-screen action.

Whether you're playing alone or with a group of sport mad mates, Havoc Interactive will keep you glued to the screen as you watch the jaw-dropping action, and then test your knowledge.

There's something for everyone, including Grand Prix bikes, circuit racing, rallying, dirtbikes, mountain biking, stunt riding and much, much more - with an all-star cast featuring the likes of Mick Doohan, Kevin Schwantz, Nigel Mansell, Barry Sheene, Randy Mamola, Steve Colley and many others.

The rules are simple...

Start the quiz and you'll see the start of a breathtaking sequence. The action will pause and a question will appear. Use your remote control to choose what you think is the correct answer and then press select.
If you're correct you'll see the rest of the sequence before moving on to the next question.
If you are incorrect you'll move straight on to the next question. We won't give the answer away so you can play again later and try to beat your own score.
At each stage you'll be given the option of starting again, or you can play to the end and discover your score.

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