Hengeband Needfire Butterfly head band choker Anne Stokes jewellery fairy fest

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Wear to parties, ceremonies or for personal empowerment. Hengebands are much more than just a fashion declaration. They create a circle of energy around you and awareness of that circle will allow you to centre yourself. If you focus on the symbol on your forehead, you can channel the energy you wish to receive. All Hengebands come with adjustable cord and are presented in a clear box.

You can wear it in the meeting, other celebrations or for personal empowerment. The tiaras are in pewter for the part which sits on the front and are mounted on a good quality braided black cord which is adjustable. Each tiara is supplied in a box with organza bag. For the butterfly is one of the biggest symbols of growth and renewal of transformation in the wild. It is associated with the fire of the Gods, is a the flame in the needfire (passion). In many areas, the end of the harvest was an opportune moment to turn on the passion as if you colourful a few seeds in the flames, it ensure to your family to be rescued hunger and the cold.

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