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Playing in Savage Paradise journeys through Africa’s most famous park, the Serengeti. From the unusual to the common, life on the great plain is portrayed with spectacular footage of birth, play, pursuit and defeat--all creating an intimate view of the animals living in the Serengeti. With breathtaking scenery accompanied by stirring music, it is an intimate view of different lives and life forms of the Serengeti. Covering wildlife ranging from the African hawk eagle to the zebra, Playing in Savage Paradise documents the idiosyncrasies of individuals to the behaviour of masses, as together they make up life on the Serengeti.


Playing in Savage Paradise is one of the last offerings by late wildlife documentarian Hugo Van Lawick. Set in the Serengeti African National Park, the film masterfully portrays the poetry of this magnificent land's vast landscapes, documenting the everyday life of its inhabitants.

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