Incipio Samsung Galaxy S9+ Phone Case Protective Tiny Hearts Classic Case

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The protective Tiny Hearts Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+ has a whole lot of love to give to your smartphone. We're talking three feet of drop protection that removes your smartphone from harm's way, whether it accidentally slides out your pocket, gets jostled off a table, or slips out of your hands. And it's easy to hold; it's coated with a smooth finish for an easy grip, so your Galaxy S9+ stays flawless.

The new Incipio design series gives your Samsung a luxurious look. There is an eye-catching metal foil on the transparent protective cover

The thin and precisely fitting case adapts like a second skin, making the phone barely noticeably thicker

This case gives your phone a glamorous flair and offers optimum protection against external influences such as dust, dirt and scratches

The case has been officially certified by Samsung as "Designed for Samsung" and therefore offers the perfect fit - all connections are still fully usable

Incipio [Design Series] Classic Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+

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