Legends: Collection Box Set [DVD] King Arthur, Arthur and Merlin, The Conqueror

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Three movies in one set

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Triple bill of historical dramas. In 'King Arthur - Excalibur Rising' (2017) Owain Ddantgwyn (Adam Byard), the illegitimate son of King Arthur, must learn the necessary skills to rule and protect the realm of Camelot as he prepares to succeed after his legendary father. Taking over his father's throne however also comes with the legendary sword Excalibur and the sinister plots of those who would use its power for evil. With the help of Excalibur, Owain must defeat an ancient enemy for the sake of both his kingdom and his love. 'Arthur and Merlin' (2015) follows the adventures of banished warrior Arthfael (Kirk Barker) and the reclusive but powerful wizard Myrrdin (Stefan Butler) as they try to save their fellow Celts from the attacks of Saxon fighters from the East and the evil Druid Aberthol (Nigel Cooke) before their entire kingdom is destroyed. In 'William the Conqueror' (2015) Guillaume, Duke of Normandy (Tiésay Deshayes/Jean-Damien Détouillon/Dan Bronchinson), prepares to cross the English Channel and claim his birthright with the blessing of the Pope, while his son Robert (Kevin Lelannier) is left behind in northern France. With the help of a strange man, Robert meets the loyal Norman barons and prepares for the possibility of becoming the new Duke, should his father fail in the conquest of England.

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