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Ten episodes of the children's animation following Lily's adventures on Driftwood Bay. 5-year-old Lily (voice of Orlagh O'Keefe) lives with her Dad (Richard Dormer) in a little hut on the beach across the water from Driftwood Bay. With her best friend Gull (Paul Currie), Lily recovers new treasures washed up on her shore from Driftwood Bay and imagines the wild adventures taking place on the island. The episodes are: 'Message in a Bottle', 'Honking Haddock', 'Old Bertha', 'Stop That Pudding', 'Puffin Muffins', 'Starfish in the Sky', 'Silly Seals', 'Harbour Cookies', 'Seaweed Pie' and 'Runaway Stag'.

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