Luxform Bronze Garden Outdoor Solar LED Caledon Hanging Porch Pergola Light NEW

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Decorate your outdoor living space even in remote areas by placing these stylish hanging lights in a sunny spot, they will enhance the look and feel of any garden. This solar light is made from durable metal. The solar panel is attached to the light by a 76cm cable meaning the light can be hung in porches or darker areas but the solar panel can still be placed in the sun. The light can be hung from porches, pergolas, or other garden structures using the attached 60cm chain. The light has an on/off switch. This attractive IP44 rated energy saving LED Solar hanging light uses the attached solar panel to recharge the AA batteries throughout daylight hours using free energy from the sun, once charged it will provide up to 8 hours of light. When dusk falls, the light will automatically turn on and turns off again at dawn. Getting power to an outside wall can be costly and often difficult, this outdoor solar wall light has been specifically designed to avoid these problems, not only that but the light is also extremely easy to install.


-Solar Hanging Porch Light
-Supplied in Bronze

-Product Dimensions (mm): 915x267x267

-Net weight (kg): 1.266

-Lumen Output: 50

-Luxform Ref: 34112

-Batteries: 3x AA 1200 mAh NiMh 1,2V

-IP Rating: 44

-LED Type: 1x Bayonet, Fixed LED in Bulb

-Material: Metal

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