Moonlight Serenade DVD (2012) Amy Adams, Tallarico (DIR) cert PG ***NEW***

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Superb Movie - Amazing Price

Musical drama in which a pair of aspiring musicians with unglamorous day jobs team up in a bid to find success. Nate (Alec Newman) works in the financial services industry during the day, identifying struggling companies in order to bet against them on the stock market and bring home profit. Aware of the job's inherent unpleasantness, he seeks refuge at night playing the piano and in his dreams of life as a professional musician. One night, while playing his music, he hears someone singing along on the street outside. It turns out to be Chloe (Amy Adams), a cloakroom worker from the nearby jazz club who also dreams of a better life. Recognising the beauty of Chloe's voice, Nate suggests that the pair marry their talents and become a musical duo. Will their musical relationship develop into something more?

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