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Track Listings

1 The Locket
2 Blowin Steam (Open Up Your Mind)
3 Poems
4 Déjà Vu
5 Vibrate
6 Autumn Leaves (Feat. Lex Amor)
7 All for You
8 Check the Pulse (Feat. Kofi Stone)
9 Leaving Us in Light
10 Gratitude

Product description

'The Locket' is the coming together of two masters of their craft to create something hopeful in a time of unrest. Its title track refers to memories of happier times: 'we fill a locket with memories we protect, and don't forget to keep it round your neck'. It's a reminder to focus on positivity in the face of adversity. Featuring ten tracks cut from sessions that span over eighteen months, it's sunshine-dappled, psych-tinged, hip-hop flavoured, leftfield pop. Samples and beats, bars and this unique sort of retro futurism that zips from sepia-tinged to full technicolour almost as fast as Barney's flow. So many reference points that burst at the seams trying to pick a genre. Perhaps most importantly, it's an utterly joyful listen from start to finish; invaluable in a time when everyone is hard-pressed to find ways to brighten their days.

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