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Beautiful limited CD version is a plastic-free "eco-pak" with custom die-cut cover, and is limited to 7000 copies in North America. The first release in three years from Icelandic collective Múm is a colourful, twitching, playful work of art, full of life-affirming energy. Exuding an otherworldly, almost magical aura, Múm make sonically warm, richly melodic experimental music married effortlessly to a pop sensibility. The band uses an array of instruments (guitars, bass, drums, synths, laptops, cello, accordion, mutated brass, and mouth trumpet, to name a few) alongside crisply-programmed electronic washes, beats and bleeps, blurring the distinction between live band and electronic programming.

1 Blessed Brambles
2 A Little Bit, Sometimes
3 They Made Frogs Smoke 'Til They Explode
4 These Eyes Are Berries
5 Moon Pulls
6 Marmalade Fires
7 Rhuubarbidoo
8 Dancing Behind My Eyelids
9 School Song Misfortune
10 I Was Her Horse
11 Guilty Rocks
12 Winter (What We Never Were After All)

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