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Amazingly Rare DIGIPAK USA Import

Nat King Cole Sings in world Languages

 tracks recorded in August 1964 sung in French, German, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish.  These 14 songs weren’t Cole’s first brush with foreign-language material.  He previously catered to his Spanish-speaking audience with a trio of well-received LPs: Cole Español (1958), A Mis Amigos (1959), and More Cole Español (1962), even including a dash of Portuguese.  But the sessions of August 18, 26, and 27 with arranger-conductor Ralph Carmichael and producer Lee Gillette showcased his truly global reach in most enjoyable fashion.

Cole revisited his then-recent favorite “L-O-V-E” (recorded in English in June) in five languages on August 18, utilizing the original, jaunty orchestral track recorded in June 1964.  The vocal overdub session held in Las Vegas also saw him add vocals in German to his 1954 top ten hit “Answer Me, My Love.”  The recording actually brought the song full circle, as it was first recorded in German as “Mutterlein.”  The August 26-27 Hollywood sessions with full orchestra present saw Cole spread his wings, sounding comfortable as he moved from one language to the next.  The country-and-western-flavored “I Don’t Want to Be Hurt Anymore,” from Cole’s first session of 1964, was revisited in Japanese.  The 1945 standard “Autumn Leaves” was performed in both French and Japanese; it’s particularly affecting in its native tongue as “Les Feuilles Mortes.”  Among the other French recordings is “Vous Qui Passez Sans Me Voir,” a.k.a. “Passing By.”  The lovely ballad composed by Charles Trenet (of “Beyond the Sea” fame) was performed on television by Cole in English, but never in the studio, making the French recording all the more significant.

The delightful world tour of International Nat King Cole is housed in a digipak, with new liner notes on the inside cover by Ritz and remastering from Vosgien.  Credits as well as recording dates for all tracks are also included in the colorful package.  That’s not all.  UMe has also delivered a tribute from a late Cole fan.

1. L-O-V-E French Version
2. Les Feuilles Mortes Autumn Leaves/French Version
3. Crois-Moi Ca Durera You'll See/French Version
4. Le Bonheur C'est Quand On S'aime
5. Vous Qui Passez Sans Me Voir Passing By/French Version
6. L-O-V-E German Version
7. Mutterlein Answer Me, My Love/German Version
8. L-O-V-E Japanese Version
9. I Don't Want To Be Hurt Anymore Japanese Version
10. Kareha Autumn Leaven/Japanese Version
11. L-O-V-E Spanish Version
12. Tu Eres Tan Amable
13. L-O-V-E Italian Version
14. Tu Sei Cosi Amabile

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