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Article name: No, I Never
Genre: R&B
Product type: CD
Label: Jericho Beach
Number of tracks: 11
Duration: 43:13

Tracklist CD - 1

1. Ndidi Onukwulu - Horn Blower 3:43
2. Ndidi Onukwulu - Water 3:03
3. Ndidi Onukwulu - Wicked Lady 4:56
4. Ndidi Onukwulu - Hey There 5:04
5. Ndidi Onukwulu - Hush 4:23
6. Ndidi Onukwulu - Weight 7:03
7. Ndidi Onukwulu - May Be the Last Time, I Don't Know 2:38
8. Ndidi Onukwulu - Seen You Before 2:28
9. Ndidi Onukwulu - Old Heart 4:03
10. Ndidi Onukwulu - Home 2:59
11. Ndidi Onukwulu - Long Way Home 2:53
Artist: Ndidi Onukwulu
Mastering: Andy Krehm
Mixing: Sam Goldberg
Mixing: Jon Drew
Photography: John Endo Greenaway
Management: Derek Andrews
Photography: Michelle Morgan
Layout Design: John Endo Greenaway
Design: John Endo Greenaway
Photography: Sam Goldberg
Producer: Sam Goldberg
Record Label: Jericho Beach
Audio Production: Sam Goldberg
Vocals: Ndidi Onukwulu
Vocals (Background): Tom Sertsis
Main Personnel: Ndidi Onukwulu
Main Personnel: Tom Sertsis
Vocals (Background): Rakesh Tewari
Main Personnel: Rakesh Tewari
Shaker: Pat Conan
Main Personnel: Pat Conan
Vocals (Background): Donne Robert
Main Personnel: Donne Robert
Vocals (Background): Madagascar Slim
Main Personnel: Madagascar Slim
Main Personnel: Todor Kobakov
Piano: Todor Kobakov
Organ: Peter Chapman
Main Personnel: Peter Chapman
Guitar (Bass): Sam Goldberg
Main Personnel: Sam Goldberg


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