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Track Listings

1 Shlon
2 Shi Tridin
3 Mawwal
4 Abou Zilif
5 3tini 7obba
6 Layle

Product description

On 'Shlon' (Arabic for 'how,' or literally 'which color'), Omar Souleyman presents 6 techno-meets-dabke songs of romance and love - singing poetry of a woman's lips as sweet as Hillah's dates on 'Layle'; an intriguing woman he watches from afar whose kiss would be worth 10 million other kisses on 'Shlon'; a lover ready to offer his beloved anything she wishes under the sun on 'Shi Tridin' ('What Do You Wish For?'); a man in admiration of a woman with green eyes and blonde hair on 'Abou Zlilif' ('Her Face is Like the Moon'); a song about love that will last forever on 'Mawwal', a traditional - all superimposed on complex techno arrangements by Hasan Alo, and based on the hi-speed Kurdish and Arabic dabke and baladi styles with the exception of 'Mawwal' being presented in its traditionally slower pace.

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