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Pilates is a unique way of getting your whole body into good conditioin and toning up all your muscles. It consists of a series of exercises which are suitable for everyone, which develop both strength and suppleness, and its aim is to make the muscles required for good posture even firmer. Pilates gives priority to the movements being performed well, freeing up tension, and developing good muscle coordination and control.

Both Isabelle Kurzi, who is a state-qualified teacher, choreographic artist and choreographer, and rida Ouerghi, who is a physical education teacher and personal coach, as well as an international karate expert, have obtained specialised diplomas as Pilates instructors from Peak Pilates (USA).

In this DVD, we have selected the pilates exercises which are the most effective for exercising and strengthening your abdominal muscles. The Pilates "Abdominal Special" training programme contains exercises on 3 progessive levels of difficulty, and you can therefore choose the exercises you wish to do according to your own level of ability. The development of your abdominal muscles will make it easier to stand up and to hold yourself well, and will also ease any back pain.

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