Queensrÿche : Operation: Mindcrime CD 2 discs (2021) ***NEW*** GIFT IDEA

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Track Listings

Disc: 1
1 I Remember Now
2 Anarchy-X
3 Revolution Calling
4 Operation: Mindcrime
5 Speak
6 Spreading the Disease
7 The Mission
8 Suite Sister Mary
9 The Needle Lies
10 Electric Requiem
11 Breaking the Silence
12 I Don't Believe in Love
13 Waiting for 22
14 My Empty Room
15 Eyes of a Stranger

Disc: 2
1 I Don't Believe in Love (Extended Version)
2 The Mission
3 My Empty Room
4 Interview With Queensr che - Speak the Word
5 Overseeing the Operation (B-side)
6 The Lady Wore Black
7 Roads to Madness

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