Scapa Aluminium Tape OFFICIAL CW40 Various Sizes Acrylic Adhesive Repair Foil


Size: 25mm x 50m
Sale price£12.99


100% Official Scapa Foil Tapes - Superb Quality

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Scapa CW40 is a soft 40 micron Aluminium Foil, coated with an acrylic adhesive and is supplied with a paper interleaf. Good temperature resistant up to 120°C. Excellent barrier against humidity and vapour, Conducts heat very well.

> 40 Micron Aluminium Foil with Acrylic Adhesive
> Excellent barrier against humidity and vapour
> Good trmperature Resistant up to 120°C
> Conducts heat very well
> Sizes Available on-line - See Below
> Other sizes are available from 6mm to 1000mm

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