Sheppard - Bombs Away CD : NEW GIFT IDEA

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Track Listings

1 Geronimo
2 Something's Missing
3 Let Me Down Easy
4 These People
5 A Grade Playa
6 Smile
7 The Best is Yet to Come
8 The Electric Feeling
9 Find Someone
10 Lingering
11 Halfway to Hell

Product description

It’s the stuff of teenage dreams: one minute you’re writing songs in your parents’ front room, the next you’re knocking Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ off the No.1 slot. Sheppard's international hit single Geronimo was the Brisbane band's battle-cry, a super-sophisticated stadium pop anthem shot through with all the mixed emotions of being young. Now the multi-platinum indie six-piece, formed around siblings George, Amy and Emma Sheppard, have launched their debut album Bombs Away on the world.

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