Steam Packet Company 175th Anniversary New DVD A Nation's Lifeline Isle of Man

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Title - Steam Packet Company

175th anniversary

A Nation's lifeline

Region - 2

Format - Pal

179 minutes

Note - As dawn rolls in to meet the ancient 

shores of the Isle of Man, the capital’s 

harbour is a hive of activity as the crews 

and shore staff of the oldest ferry operator 

in the world are busy at work.

Just as they did in the nineteenth century, 

these men and women sustain the lives 

and businesses of the Manx people. 

Now celebrating 175 dedicated years on 

the seas – this is the story of the Isle of Man 

Steam Packet Company.

Told through the eyes and ears of those who 

have watched it grow, this enchanting tale 

begins with the company’s establishment 

in 1830, with a single wooden built paddle 

steamer, taking us right up to today's world 

of high speed SeaCat fleets and Ro Pax 


Using a vivid array of artefacts, photographs, 

archive film and insightful interviews, this 

captivating programme recreates the sights 

and sounds of the past, as Alex Brindley 

narrates the colourful fortunes of the Steam 

Packet Company over 175 eventful years.

This superb production charts the unique 

histories of the vessels that have ceaselessly 

navigated their way through political change, 

two world wars, takeover bids, the emergence 

of air travel and the tempestuous Manx 

weather, to maintain a vital lifeline across 

he Irish Sea for nearly two centuries.

From the Mona’s Isle to the Ben-My-Chree, 

the Steam Packet ferries have always 

provided a sense of pride and security for 

the people of the Isle of Man. 

And as they catch a glimpse of the Super 

Seacat sailing out into the sunset, they 

hope that its new crew will continue to 

do so for many more years to come.

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