Super8 And Tab - Unified (NEW CD) GIFT IDEA

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Track Listings

1 Memory Lane - Super8 & Tab
2 Let Go - Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson
3 Code Red - Super8 & Tab with Jaytech
4 No Frontiers - Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson
5 Who Needs Pain - Super8 & Tab feat. Jan Burton
6 Patience - Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson
7 Aika - Super8 & Tab with BT
8 Clairvoyant - Super8 & Tab
9 Say U Luv - Super8 & Tab feat. Alyna
10 Antipodes - Super8 & Tab with 7 Skies
11 Sonata - Super8 & Tab with Sunny Lax
12 Rubicon - Super8 & Tab with 7 Skies
13 Souls Of Lovers - Super8 & Tab feat. Jan Burton
14 Forever - Super8 & Tab

Product description

2014 second artist album from the Finnish trance artists & production duo Super8 & Tab. "It has been made in period of 4 years. It's filled with emotions from sadness to joy. It's made US insane, cry and laugh." Only a select number of modern trance artists can convincingly say they are taking the sound to the next level. Although the humble, softly spoken duo would never shout it out themselves, Super8 & Tab are undoubtedly among them. Renowned for their innovative approach and intricate production values, the Finnish producers have stealthily pushed themselves to the front of the trance pack since coming together in 2005. Now an integral part of the Anjunabeats family, Super8 & Tab released their debut artist album 'Empire' in 2010 & 'Empire: Remixed'in 2011, combining deep, brooding vocal anthems, classy downtempo excursions and futuristic trance fusions. An instant classic, it prompted Mixmag to write "It's a rare and wonderful thing to be blown away by an album on first listen. And that's exactly what Super8 & Tab's debut artist album does."

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