The Assault (DVD, 2012) French Algerian World Cinema Thriller True Story NEW

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Superb, Disturbing and Dramatic World cinema movie

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Product Information
Julien Leclercq examines a terrorist plot from several points of view in this tense thriller based on a true story. In late December 1994, an airliner took off from Algeria bound for Paris, but once the plane was in the air, it became clear this would not be an ordinary flight. Members of the Algerian Armed Islamic Group, led by Yahia (Aymen Saidi), were onboard, and they took over the jet in order to stage an attack on the Eiffel Tower. Negotiators were able to arrange for the plane to land in Marseille for fuel, and the hijackers were met by French Special Forces operatives who were determined to save the hostages and take down the terrorists. THE ASSAULT examines the hijacking and the raid on the jet from three perspectives -- Yahia, Thierry (Vincent Elbaz), one of the policemen taking part in the raid, and Carole (Mélanie Bernier), a low-level Ministry of the Interior employee who believes her language skills will give her a chance to shine in the crisis.

Product Identifiers
EAN 5055201821751
eBay Product ID (ePID) 114470120

Product Key Features
Format DVD
Release Year 2012
Genre Action & Adventure
Rating 15

Additional Product Features
Additional Roles by Phillippe Bas
Running Time 91 Minutes
Leading Role Gregori Derangere, Melanie Bernier, Phillippe Bas, Vincent Elbaz
Director Julien Leclercq
Sub-Genre General
Subtitle Languages English
Language French

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