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A lifelong bachelor struggles over whether to tell his best friend that his wife is cheating on him with another man in this comedy from director Ron Howard (THE DA VINCI CODE) and producer Brian Grazer. Inseparable since college, best friends Ronny played by Vince Vaughn and Nick, Kevin James, have recently gone into business together by starting their own engine design firm. Meanwhile, Ronny has begun dating Beth, Jennifer Connelly, and Nick is happily married to Geneva played by Winona Ryder. The four friends couldn't be more happy together until the day that Ronny catches Geneva with another man, and tells her that he can't keep the news a secret from Nick. But when Geneva fires back that she will deny everything and shift the blame to Ronny, the decision over how to handle the sensitive situation becomes all the more difficult. Subsequently attempting to gather irrefutable evidence of the affair, Ronny uncovers a few secrets about his old pal Nick as well. And the timing couldn't be worse either, because in just a few days Ronny and Nick are scheduled to give the presentation that could make or break their company. With the weight of the truth bearing down on Ronny's conscience and no simple solution to his pressing dilemma, it all comes down to one crucial, defining moment that could break his friendship with Nick forever.

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