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1 The Cliffs Of Moher / Spot The Wallop
2 The Boys Of The 25 / The Hare's Paw / The Pinch Of Snuff
3 Willie's Polka
4 Big Pat / Billy Brocker's / The Ballintra Lass
5 Will You Come Down To Limerisk / The Piper's Apron / Give Us A Drink Of Water
6 The Maids Of Mont Cisco / The Crooked Road
7 The Gold Ring
8 Reddigan's / The Limestone Rock / Miss Ramsey's
9 Ceo Na GCnoc / The Torn Jacket / Miss McGuinness
10 The Dusty Miller / The Silver Slipper / Willie's Fling No.2
11 Sliabh Gheal GCua
12 Down The Back Lane / Sergeant Early's
13 The Connacht Heifers / The Yellow Tinker
14 Sliabh Russell / The Connachtman's Rambles / Paddy Whack
15 The Dublin Lads / I Have No Money / The Hairy Chested Frog

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