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Track Listings
Disc: 1
1 As Rock Rolls On - Michael Bruce Feat. Alice Cooper - Michael Bruce
2 Rock N'roll Radio - Neal Smith Feat. Dennis Dunaway - Neal Smith
3 Caught In A Dream - Bouchard, Dunaway & Smith - Bouchard, Dunaway and Smith
4 Double Talk - Deadringer (Denis Dunaway & Neal Smith) - Deadringer
5 Maneater Deadly To Her Prey - Neal Smith Feat. Dennis Dunaway - Neal Smith
6 Friday On My Mind - Michael Bruce - Michael Bruce
7 Under My Wheels - Bouchard, Dunaway & Smith - Bouchard, Dunaway and Smith
8 How Do You Bleed - Killsmith (Neal Smith's Band) - Killsmith
9 King Of America - Michael Bruce - Michael Bruce
10 Baby, Please Don't Stop - Neal Smith Feat. Dennis Dunaway & Michael Bruce - Neal Smith
11 School's Out - Bouchard, Dunaway & Smith - Bouchard, Dunaway and Smith
12 Everyday Is A Holiday - Neal Smith Feat. Dennis Dunaway - Neal Smith
13 Sexual Savior - Killsmith (Neal Smith's Band) - Killsmith
14 Black Ju-ju - Bouchard, Dunaway & Smith - Bouchard, Dunaway and Smith
Disc: 2
1 Billion Dollar Babies - Alice Cooper - Alice Cooper
2 I'm Eighteen - Alice Cooper - Alice Cooper
3 Under My Wheels - Alice Cooper - Alice Cooper
4 No More Mr.nice Guy - Alice Cooper - Alice Cooper
5 Escape - Alice Cooper - Alice Cooper
6 Only Women Bleed - Alice Cooper - Alice Cooper
7 Is It My Body - Alice Cooper - Alice Cooper
8 Cold Ethyl - Alice Cooper - Alice Cooper
9 Steven - Alice Cooper - Alice Cooper
10 The Black Widow - Alice Cooper - Alice Cooper
11 Department Of Youth - Alice Cooper - Alice Cooper
12 School's Out - Alice Cooper - Alice Cooper
Disc: 3
1 School's Out - Joel Hoakstra, Derrick Lefevre, Richard Kendrick & Kurtis E. Phlush - Various Performers
2 Billion Dollar Babies - Fierce Atmospheres - Fierce Atmospheres
3 Hello Hooray - Berzon - Berzon
4 Hey Stoopid - Kelly Keeling, Marko Pukkila, Sven Wannas,simmo Pirttimaa, Vesa Saarikoski & The Heether - Various Performers
5 Go To Hell - Quatermoc - Quatermoc
6 Is It My Body - Vid Payne - Vid Payne
7 Halo Of Flies - The Alice Cooper Experience - The Alice Cooper Experience
8 Nobody Likes Me - Erling Solem - Erling Solem
9 Only Women Bleed - Alice In Cooperland - Alice in Cooperland
10 Be My Lover - Charlie Bonnet Iii - Charlie Bonnet III
11 He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) - 5th Avenue Vampires - 5th Avenue Vampires
12 Spirit Rebellious - Sinful Lilly - Sinful Lilly
13 Pain - Richard Kendrick & Kurtis E. Phlush - Richard Kendrick & Kurtis E. Phlush
14 Clones (We're All) - Manuri & Al Solo - Manuri & Al Solo

In the early 70's, Alice Cooper was a five-member band that became one of the biggest exponents of glam rock and whose fame reached global proportions, with gold and platinum albums around the world thanks to albums like Love It To Death, Killer, School's Out and Billion Dollar Babies. In 1975, the band breaks up and Alice Cooper became a solo artist whose popularity reaches until today thanks to hits like Poison and Only Women Bleed. The Many Faces Of Alice Cooper presents the full story, including material from both the original band members and Alice as solo artist, as well as highlighting their most iconic repertoire. The Many Faces Of Alice Cooper is a truly exceptional album, especially for those of you who considers yourself a rock music lover. Also remember that it is not available on Streaming platforms. The Many Faces Of Alice Cooper digs deep into the band's story and compiles for the first time in one single album, the works of the members of Alice Cooper after the breakup, in addition to paying homage to their impressive repertoire. We started with Michael Bruce, who was the lead songwriter of the group, who penned hits like Caught In A Dream and Be My Lover. Michael recorded his debut solo album with a who's who list of guest musicians, including Alice Cooper himself, who puts his voice on As Rock Rolls One, which we presented in our Many Faces along with two other songs from that album: the magnificent version of Friday On My Mind (the Easybeats' classic, who was also recorded by David Bowie and Peter Frampton back then) and King Of America. Neal Smith was one of the most spectacular drummers of the 70s, with his long hair and massive drums (he once competed with Keith Moon about who had the most tom toms on his drum kit) became a legendary figure. His debut album, Platinum God was also recorded in 1975 (at the same time as Michael Bruce's and Welcome to My Nightmare by Alice), and in it, both Dennis Dunaway and Michael Bruce were guests artists. As we can hear in the four fantastic songs that we included in our Many Faces, where Neal also sings. Dennis and Neal also teamed up with Blue Oyster Cult's Joe Bouchard to release two albums as a trio. In The Many Faces, we include them performing excellent versions of four Alice Cooper classics: the aforementioned Caught In A Dream and School's Out, along with Under My Wheels and the mysterious Black Ju-Ju. In 1989 Dennis and Neal also joined forces for the Deadringer project and they released the album Electrocution Of The Heart, from where we include the song Double Talk. To close this captivating chapter, we have the luxury of feature two songs from Killsmith, Neal Smith' most recent project, where he gets into an evil rock with a sound close to punk rock. On CD 2 of The Many Faces we present Alice Cooper on her first solo tour, featuring several tracks from his then-new album Welcome To My Nightmare as well as versions of the band's hits, some of them with very interesting new arrangements. Finally, on CD 3 of The Many Faces we include most of the greatest Alice Cooper songs, both solo and as a band, in versions by artists that you can tell by their performances that are true devoted fans. Without a doubt, a delight for their followers.

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