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1 Be Released
2 The Second Shift
3 Glorious Idea
4 Relativity
5 For Every Window There's a Curtain
6 The Female Genius
7 Eight Hours Don't Make a Day
8 A Sister
9 Pale Burnt Lake
10 Seasons Reversed

Their favourite records are the perfect counterbalance of the considered and the superficial. Whether it's Madonna, Talking Heads or Holger Czukay - we enjoy these artists in the background with friends or profoundly and alone. Virginia Wing both understand and embrace this concept fully as they return with Ecstatic Arrow, an album which finds them in a place of renewed strength, optimism and clarity. Recorded in Switzerland, in the family home of longtime friend and collaborator Misha Hering within the domesticity and gentle routine of communal life, the album represents a world as predisposed to solemn introspection as it is to blithe conviviality.

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