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Product Information
WHISPER: An eight-year-old boy displays frightening powers that threaten the group of criminals holding him hostage.
ASYLUM: Six unsuspecting college co-eds discover their dorm was once the site of a notorious insane asylum infamous for conducting gruesome lobotomy's on its teenage inmates during the 1930's. When the dorm begins to echo scenes from its torture chamber past, the beautiful heroine (Roemer) questions her sanity and if she will make it out alive.

THE DEATHS OF IAN STONE: Ian Stone is murdered over and over again, and every day he wakes up to discover he has to live this one day until he figures out the identity of his killer.

Product Identifiers
EAN 5017239196195
eBay Product ID (ePID) 72554989

Product Key Features
Format DVD
Release Year 2008
Rating 18

Additional Product Features
Additional Roles by Josh Holloway, Sarah Roemer, Mark Rolston, Blake Woodruff
Running Time 268 Minutes
Genre Horror/Occult
Leading Role Mike Vogel, Josh Holloway, Sarah Roemer, Mark Rolston, Christopher Cole, Blake Woodruff, Jamie Murray
Director David R. Ellis, Dario Plana, Stewart Hendler
Sub-Genre General
Language English

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