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Lithomancy: Prediction by casting stones has long been a skill of witches & wise women.
Witch Stones are a set of eight natural gemstones, painted by hand with symbols of the witch's magical tools.
Contents: 8 hand-painted natural gemstones, pentagram casting chart
Leaflet explaining: how to cast Witch Stones, how Witch Stones answer your questions, How to use Witch Stones for inspiration, How to use Witch Stones to make decisions
Sample Witch Stones readings

Our Witch Stones are boxed and are provided with a casting chart and detailed instructions. The eight Semi-Precious, natural Gemstones such as Brazil Agate, Blue Lace Agate and Tiger's Eye are hand painted with the symbols of the witch's magical tools needed for divination. There is a fully detailed and easy to follow instruction leaflet inside the box and this simple to use divination tool gives uncannily accurate readings within minutes. A great gift item!

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