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WRC World Rally

Craziest moments

Featuring McRea, Loeb, Burns,

Makinen, Gronholm and more

Region - 2

Format - Pal
91 minutes

Note - In the World Rally Championship 

anything can happen - and usually does! 

Get ready to experience the most spectacular, 

shocking and hilarious incidents from almost 

two decades of high speed drama.

Exceptional action footage, including plenty 

from inside the cars, charts the Craziest 

Moments from the WRC. Legends including 

Colin McRae, Sebastien Loeb, Richard Burns, 

Tommi Makinen, Marcus Gronholm, Carlos Sainz, 

Petter Solberg and many more treat us to the 

thrills and spills which make rallying one of 

the most spectacular sports on Earth.

You'll see the best drivers coping with 

ever-changing weather, heart-breaking 

retirements and getting too close for 

comfort with the wildlife - including some 

naked Swedes! 

There's also scorching fires, flaring tempers, 

wacky fans and the madcap antics of the 

charismatic and always-entertaining 

Gigi Galli.

WRC's Craziest Moments also gives you the 

chance to experience the highs and lows of 

life as a co-driver, from the elation of victory 

to the bone-shattering crash landings - plus 

the story of the stray metal pole which left 

its mark on Timo Rautiainen's posterior!

Discover what the crews do to keep the cars 

on the road, including making use of swimming 

pools, shoe laces and turning rocks into tools, 

and share the heart-break of coming within 

metres of World Championship success 

only to lose out with the end in sight.

Alongside the mud-spitting, car-wrecking, 

spine-jarring action we hear the full stories 

behind these craziest moments from the 

drivers, co-drivers including Phil Mills, 

Robert Reid, Nicky Grist, Daniel Elena 

and Luis Moya, plus team bosses like 

Malcolm Wilson.

The World Rally Championship is loaded 

with incredible incidents, and this DVD 

features all the Craziest Moments.

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