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Young surfer Zak gets sucked into the Bermuda Triangle, where he becomes a super pirate. With his crew by his side, and his magic sword, Zak tackles the dangers of the Seven Seas.

The Last Flight of Icarus - The 7Cs meet an inventor who has designed a machine that could help them escape the triangle by the air. The Labyrinth of the Minotaur - The 7Cs get lost into a labyrinth filled with frightful illusions.

Lemuria Attacks - The Lemurians demand that CeCe be delivered to the or they will destroy Marituga.

Mutiny on the Demoniac - Clovis becomes human... But is trapped inside the Chaos!

Crogar the Terrible - The 7Cs have been abducted by the Zombies queen. In order to gain their freedom, Zak will have to defeat the queen's most valiant warrior in a one on one fight.

Eye of the Cyclone - Zak and his friends save Caesar, chased by Bones skeletons. Caesar may lead Zak to the Aeria Waypoint, but can he trust him?

Call to Adventure - Caramba repairs Zak's phone but Zak will only be able to call his dad once he's saved Alan Gamble.

The Wiseman - The 7Cs encounter a man who can answer all the questions in the world.

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